About Us

In early 2010, while seeing Asian community growing in east of Canada, we also see the timing was there to reveal the secret of Asian skincare.

Being an Asian, we often received this same question several times in our life, ‘What is your secret to make yourself look so much younger than your actual age’.

Undoubtedly, Asian skin care products are the key, and Asian way of lifestyle does also play an important role.

Back that time, people barely can find any Asian skin care products on the market, and now we make them available!


Starting from a small retail store in 2010, within 4 years, we expanding from one to four stores.

On the same year, in 2014, we also established our wholesale distribute system and constructed a very powerful and talented team.

The, we give ourselves a new name, KORSMET.


As of today, KORSMET has become one of the biggest cosmetic products distributor in North America,

we collaborate with several Japanese and Korean brands and distribute to several supermarket giants, well-known retailers,

online stores and beauty salons, such as, Lablows, TNT supermarket, Walmart, and Miniso etc, total over 250 physical retail stores, and more for online stores.


Korsmet’s CEO as well as the founder,

Qian Peng, has always pursued a ‘win-win’ business model to assist all Korsmet’s clients from providing a regular products coaching session to building up an actual cosmetic retail store.

Qian Peng has structured the company into five departments


Ø   Sales and market developer

Ø   Warehouse management (23,630 Sq.Ft)

Ø   Logistic management

Ø   Retail/franchising management

Ø   Marketing and merchandising


With teamwork, KORSMET has successfully become one of the main cosmetic,

and beauty products distributor in North America with supplying the most innovated Asian skincare products and impact business solutions to our clients.

Together, we will make you as a leading character in your victory.