Moist Diane-Japanese silicone-free products!

Moist Diane-Japanese silicone-free products!

Japanese silicone-free shampoo that leaves your hair softer and more manageable.

Moist Diane is awards winning Japanese high quality body care brand. Its haircare products are famous for adding organic oil into shampoo and hair treatments. Moist Dian has its own strict organic selection process, and choose carefully on different natural oil into different type of hair needs.

V MOIS DIANE Perfect Extra Damage Repair Shampoo

With double keratin formula helps to promote healthy hair with restoring moisture and adding bounce and shine. This Damage Repair Shampoo also formulated with Moroccan cactus seed oil that provides exceptional hair penetrating and hydrating benefits. Supplies rich moisture directly into the hair shaft.

Perfect for:

-Fixing fine, flat hair

-Restoring bounce and resilience

-Reducing itching and flaking

V MOIS DIANE Extra Vital Shampoo

While cherry blossom season is approaching again, we re-introduce you Moist Diane extra vital. It contains essences extracted from Sakura (cherry blossom) flowers which improve skin and scalp healthier. Sakura extract able to reduce roughness of hair surface based on less damage on the cuticle

Perfect for:

-Rough, unmanageable hair

-Brittle ends